Car Park Security

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Whether you need an organised car park, or office parking space that is safe for your staff and their vehicles, our highly trained car park security team at Nationwide Security Services can help. A full car park, regardless of where it’s situated, poses a potential security threat, tempting thieves, capable of stealing the contents of a car, or even the car itself within seconds.

However, with our extensive experience in car park security, we are in the ideal position to offer you a tailor made security solution. Typically, this can involve a range of security CCTV monitoring, mobile patrols and effective management for optimum car park security. We guarantee you highly trained security personnel to protect your site and all people and contents within.

Gatehouse Security

Our gatehouse security services limit access to your premises, permitting employees and designated visitors only. Located at the entrance of commercial properties such as university campuses, industrial parks and large office estates, our gatehouse security personnel will not only provide you with an effective barrier to unwanted visitors but also provide welcoming duties. All of our gatehouse security staff have been expressly selected for their professional, informative and courteous nature.

The personnel we provide are aware of the importance of providing a good first impression to your visitors. They will uphold your codes of conduct responsibly and as part of their duties will keep exact and detailed accounts of visitors to your premises. If you feel it necessary, our gatehouse security staff can also perform extra checks, such as spot checks, vehicle / handbag searches and the issuing of visitor passes.

To find out how our car park security staff can assist you and the security of your site, call us today - 0500 829 745. Our services are available throughout Lincolnshire, Leicester, Nottingham and Peterborough.

Immediate Response Security Services In Lincolnshire

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